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[Babelon, Rois de Syrie, d'Arménie, &c., Paris, 1890, Langlois, Num. de l'Arménie, 1859.]


Arsames, circ. B.C. 230. Obv. Head of Arsames in conical tiara. Rev. ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΑΡΣΑΜΟΥ Horseman wearing conical cap and holding spear. Æ .8. Babelon, op. cit., p. 211 and p. cxciii; cf. Th. Reinach, L'Hist. par les monn., pp. 239-40.


Abdissares, circ. B.C. 200 (?). Obv. Bust of Abdissares wearing Armenian tiara open at the side. Rev. ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΑΒΔΙΣΣΑΡΟΥ Eagle stand- ing. Æ. Also with rev. Horse’s head. Babelon, pp. 211-12 and p. cxciv. Cf. Reinach, op. cit., p. 240.


Xerxes, circ. B.C. 170, Ruler of Arsamosata in Sophene. Obv. Bust of Xerxes wearing pointed tiara. Rev. ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΞΕΡΞΟΥ Athena standing, crowning name of Xerxes. Æ .55. B. M. C., Galatia, &c., p. 100. See also Babelon, p. 212, No. 6 and p. cxciv; cf. Reinach, op. cit., p. 240.

Zariadres, B.C. 134, King of Great Sophene, &c. Obv. Beardless head in Cappadocian tiara. Rev. ΔΣΑΡΙ ΑΝΙΣΑΔΩ (= Δσαριαδρις, the Zari- adris of Strabo, son of ‘Ανισαδης ?) Anaitis standing facing, holding flower; at her feet, two sphinxes. Æ .75. Berlin. Babelon, p. cxcviii, citing Blau and Friedlaender.

Morphilig, B.C. 150-148. Obv. Beardless head in Cappadocian tiara. Rev. ΜΟΡΙ(φιλιγος) ΣΑΡΙ(αδριος), i.e. Morphilig, son of Zariadres. Anaitis standing facing, holding flower. Æ .65. Berlin. Babelon, pp. cxcix f., citing Blau and Friedlaender.

Tigranes I, B.C. 97-56. See infra, pp. 772 f.

Artavasdes I, son of Tigranes I, B.C. 56-34; ob. B.C. 30. Obv. Bust of Artavasdes I wearing Armenian tiara with spikes. Rev. ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΝ ΑΡΤΑΥΑΖΔΟΥ Chariot within which Artavasdes holding Nike. AR. Weight, 57 grs. B. M. C., Galatia, &c., p. 101, No. 1; Babelon, p. cciv.

Tigranes II, son of Artavasdes I, B.C. 20-12. Obv. Bust of Ti- granes II, bearded, in Armenian tiara. Rev. ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΤΙΓΡΑΝΟΥ Tyche (?) seated, holding cornucopiae. Æ. Babelon, p. 215 and p. ccv.

Tigranes III, B.C. 12-6. Obv. Bust of Tigranes III, beardless, in Armenian tiara. Rev. ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΜΕΓΑΛΟΥ ΤΙΓΡΑΝΟΥ Nike standing. Æ. Also with rev. The king (?) as Zeus (?) standing, holding eagle and sceptre; inscr., ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΜΕΓΑΛΟΥ ΤΙΓΡΑΝΟΥ ΦΙΛΕ- ΛΗΝΟ (sic). Also with rev. Horse and ΘΕΟΥ in inscr. (Babelon, p. 216 and

p. ccv). Also with obv. Head of Augustus, Inscr. ΚΑΙCΑΡ ΘЄΟC ΘЄΟΥ ΥΙΟC CЄΒΑCΤΟC, and rev. Bust of Tigranes III in tiara and inscr. ΒΑCΙΛЄΥC ΜΕΓΑC ΝЄΟC ΤΙΓΡΑΝΗC. Æ Size 1.15 (Prowe collection, Transactions of the Moscow Num. Soc., iii, 1905, p. 155, Pl. IV. 21).


Tigranes III, with his sister Erato, who abdicated B.C. 1. Obv. ΒΑCΙΛЄΥC ΒΑCΙΛЄΩΝ ΤΙΓΡΑΝΗC Bust of Tigranes III, beardless, in Armenian tiara. Rev. ЄΡΑΤW ΒΑCΙΛЄWC ΤΙΓΡΑΝΟΥ ΑΔΕΛΦΗ Bust of Erato. Æ. Babelon, p. 216 and p. ccvi. A variety (Hunter Cat., iii. p. 4) reads on the obv. ΒΑCΙΛЄΥC ΜЄΓΑC ΝЄΟC ΤΙΓΡΑΝΗC.

Artavasdes III, circ. A.D. 2-10, son of Ariobarzanes II, King of Media Atropatene, and Armenia. Obv. ΘΕΟΥ ΚΑΙΣΑΡΟΣ ΕΥΕΡΓΕΤΟΥ Head of Augustus. Rev. ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΜΕΓΑΛΟΥ ΑΡΤΑΥΑΖΔΟΥ Head of Artavasdes III. AR 54.7 grs. B. M. C., Galatia, &c., p. 101 and p. xlii.

Artaxias, A.D. 18-35, son of Polemo I, King of Pontus. Obv. GERMANICVS CAESAR TI. AVG. F. COS. II Head of Germanicus. Rev. ARTAXIAS GERMANICVS Germanicus crowning Artaxias with diadem. AR, weight 118 grs. Struck in Armenia? (Berlin Mus.; Z. f. N., xxi, 1898, p. 228: also the half-denomination, ibid., p. 228 n.).

A coin sometimes attributed to MITHRAPATES Philo.... of Armenia (cf. B. M. C., Galatia, p. 102) is referred to infra under ‘Kings of Commagene'.

UNCERTAIN (Regal). See Imhoof, Zur gr. u. röm. Münzk., p. 233, and Hunter Cat., iii. p. 3.